Lisvane improvement 2012

Previously local riders had to ride up a steep narrow hill to the Graig in Lisvane.  There was a serious accident here in 2007 involving a car and rider.Lisvane rdDSCF2424


 Now there is a parallel route.  SAFE contributed £3000, the BHS £1000 towards the grant funded work and huge thanks to Gillian Lawson from Lisvane Community Council without whose unflagging support this would not have been possible



DSCF1527 step overThe step down at the Tongwynlais end of the horse route was eroding and resembling a cross-country obstacle.  Work undertaken by the Forestry Commission and SAFE sighted the step over back from the road and provided surfacing material to prevent further erosion.

2006 Improvements in Rudry, Caerphilly Area – “After” and “Before” improvements to exits – part 5

Cydcoed limekilm entcydcoed limekiln ent b4IMG6215

2006 Improvements in Rudry, Caerphilly Area – “Before” and “After” horrible deep clay v multi use surface – part 4

cydcoed clay contrastdcydcoed clay none

2006 Improvements in Rudry, Caerphilly Area – “After” and “Before” horse friendly v impassible gate part 3

coral afterDSCN20961 Gate at bottom of 62

2006 Improvements in Rudry, Caerphilly Area – “After” and “Before” surfacing part 2

cydcoed aftercrCydcoed before sufacing

2006 Improvements in Rudry, Caerphilly Area – “Before” and “After” shots part 1

Difficult “V” and 3 gates removed at start of Br 10 Draethan.

Rotten gate on Br57 replaced with corral

Case Hill Woods

The Woodland Trust have created a new horse route in these woods, near Michaelston-le-pit. SAFE has donated £1,000 to the Trust towards the £6,800 cost of the route.


Surfacing works on the “stony path” Old Parish Road has now been completed. Please be careful when riding this route, as you are likely to meet walkers and children on bikes.

Some surfacing work has been done on bridlepath 2/3/6 through Graig-y-Parc woods. Pip had a ‘phone call from Cardiff Council to apologise for the mess that the vehicles made. Apparently, once in the works program, it is done when it becomes top of the list and not when the weather is dry! After years of lobbying for something to be done, they have almost made it worse! Pip will be in contact to arrange for remedial work to be done.

Caerphilly Mountain

For many years, SAFE and Caerphilly Commoners and Brinkers Association have been negotiating with Caerphilly County Borough Council, for the provision of a path alongside the A469 (Caerphilly to Cardiff road) to the top of the mountain from the the point where Bridlepaths 99-96 meet.

In 2002 the council produced a Caerphilly Common Management Study and this was the tool to apply for EU funding for the upgrading of Caerphilly mountain. This funding has now been approved and CBBC will shortly be advertising for a part time warden to carry out the work detailed in the report.

We are confident that one of the first jobs the warden will be looking at will be the horse route/footpath along the A469, which will be a major breakthrough. SAFE has agreed to contribute £500 towards this work and we will be out “pressganging” volunteers when the work starts.