Caerphilly Mountain

For many years, SAFE and Caerphilly Commoners and Brinkers Association have been negotiating with Caerphilly County Borough Council, for the provision of a path alongside the A469 (Caerphilly to Cardiff road) to the top of the mountain from the the point where Bridlepaths 99-96 meet.

In 2002 the council produced a Caerphilly Common Management Study and this was the tool to apply for EU funding for the upgrading of Caerphilly mountain. This funding has now been approved and CBBC will shortly be advertising for a part time warden to carry out the work detailed in the report.

We are confident that one of the first jobs the warden will be looking at will be the horse route/footpath along the A469, which will be a major breakthrough. SAFE has agreed to contribute £500 towards this work and we will be out “pressganging” volunteers when the work starts.

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