Do you have the determination to help improve riding in your area?

As people’s circumstances have changed (family commitments, no longer ride/own a horse, moved from the area etc) SAFE has seen its active members dwindle to just a few.

We are therefore launching a drive to involve more of our membership.   This can be anything from riding routes in your area and reporting problems to the relevant land owner (we will give you the contacts and make introductions) to seeking out new routes and applying for grants to help fund surfacing and access points etc. Do you have the will and time to work with land owners to help secure the future of our routes and seek out improvements in off road riding on your area? SAFE can provide funds and advice on grant applications so whatever you take on you won’t be working alone. 

The paths that SAFE has created, secured and maintained for horse riders in the past has come about from the dedication of its active members liaising with the relevant landowners and authorities, fund raising and helping with works on the ground.

 If you are short on routes in your area, and or can see an opportunity to improve access,   and feel passionate about keeping somewhere safe off-road to ride, please, please consider putting yourself forward as an active volunteer and contact us.

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